Most Interesting Facts About Kamagra

Kamagra is a new-age ED drug which surprised the western pharmaceutical market due to the sudden growth in its demand.  Kamagra is a nonindigenous drug in UK and Europe. This makes the drug very elusive for the people in the corresponding geographies. Due to the lack of information about this ED drug in the UK, a lot of misconceptions exist. Several concocted stories circulate among people which only adds more confusion.

Keeping the rumours apart, if we dig a little deeper into the composition of the drug, all the mysteries associated with this anti-impotence drug can unfold. The name of the drug is itself an enigmatic term. But, the composition of this pharmaceutical drug is feasible to comprehend by a layman.

Here are some of the facts about Kamagra which can help a lot of people to understand this drug:

  • The active ingredient of the medication “Sildenafil Citrate” holds the whole importance.

Kamagra consists of a scientifically tested ingredient called Sildenafil. A medical compound which FDA approves to be a remedy for treating erectile dysfunction in men. This compound works on the weak erectile tissues of the reproductive organ by dilating the blood vessels. This promotes arterial blood flow and revitalizes the dead or weak erectile tissues. The whole process eventually causes a hard and healthy erection of the penis. However, a simultaneous stimulation in the organ can speed up the erection process further.

  • Kamagra is not different than Viagra.

Viagra might not be so unfamiliar name for most of the ED patients as Kamagra is. But, the reports of several studies manifest that the efficacy of Kamagra on ED is not any different than Viagra. Both the medications consist of the same active ingredient. The difference is just the price in both oral medications, Kamagra cost only £0.69 per tablet whereas Viagra cost 7 to 8 times more in the UK and US pharmaceutical market.

  • The Reason For Non-availability of Kamagra in the conventional pharmacies—It is an OTC drug.

A pharmaceutical company called Ajanta Pharmaceuticals manufactures Kamagra. The reason for the unavailability of this drug in the physical pharmacies is due to the fact that the drug comes all the way from a different corner of the world. No wonder, why doctors don’t easily prescribe this medicine in the UK and some regions of Europe. Fortunately, some pharmaceutical suppliers offer this drug as an Over-The-Counter medication through their online medicine supplying platform. This gives a good opportunity for ED patients to buy Kamagra online without any doctor’s prescription.