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Can A Man Without ED Take Kamagra?

In the historical records, patients of ED have always been adherent to the usage guidelines of prescribed drugs. Only men diagnosed with intermediate stages of ED would use a drug like Kamagra. That too, on the recommendation of a urologist.

Ironically, in recent times, men have become obsessed with their performance on the bed. Their desire for extra pleasure in intercourse has led many men to take desperate steps. Young men in their 20’s and 30’s now try ED drugs, even when they don’t have ED.

We are talking about men who have perfect sexual health. Still, they aspire to get bigger and long-lasting erections. Such aspirations make those guys try something unusual.

In fact, based on a survey, we found hundreds of men already tried ED drugs like Kamagra. Some of them also found to be users of more potent drugs like Levitra, Cialis etc. Most of them proudly mentioned their good experiences on the bed through the help of these ED pills.

In the survey, the most common answer came from the guys was “ED pills gave me the biggest erection. I could last long with my partner.” But, few also shared their experiences, which weren’t so good.

Here are the answers of 3 men in a conducted survey. These individuals are users of ED medications despite being sexually healthy:

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Person 1:

David—A 28-year-old sexually healthy young man—who told that he prefers to buy Kamagra on special occasions. He prefers these pills on his birthday, his wedding anniversary and vacations.  He was asked to rate his sexual experience on using impotence treating pill. Later the individual enunciated, “I would rate my erection quality right up there, couldn’t get a bigger and better erection ever before.” He also added, “each time I took one of those pills, I had the most intense orgasms.” 

Person 2:

Nick—a 37-year-old and a father of two—told that he can gain erections naturally. But, he believes that a mild dose of an ED drug gives him that extra boost in his sexual performance. This intensity he missed always in the past when he indulged into any sexual activity, naturally.

Person 3:

James—a young entrepreneur—shared his experience with the ED medications which was not so positive. He said, “I thought to experiment with my sexual performance and tried an average dose of a PDE inhibitor drug before sex. I felt the sudden rush of blood in my body and I could see the veins in my penis were bulging out. My heart was racing and it made me sweat.” He said though he got a bigger erection that night later he added that “my experience was more nerve-wracking rather than pleasing.”

To conclude whether a non-ED patient shall use ED medications or not, let’s have an insight into the working mechanism of these drugs:

ED medications are classified as PDE 5 inhibitors which are also vasodilators. This means a medicine like Kamagra, Cialis etc. work on the erectile tissues by dilating the blood vessels. The augmented flow of oxygenated blood revitalizes the erectile tissues. This restores the ability to gain erection with a simultaneous stimulation.

Majority of ED medications available in the market today are based on an FDA approved generic compound called sildenafil citrate. Also, compounds like Tadalafil, Vardenafil and Avanafil are other scientifically proven medical compounds. These compounds are used as the active ingredients of the anti-impotence drugs.

The reason why these drugs are called PDE 5 inhibitors is that when the molecules of the compounds dissolve into the bloodstream, they help in the inhibition of the premature action of the enzyme called PDE 5—which is responsible to subside the erection in the penis. This helps in sustaining the erection for longer duration and allows the ED patient to have a satisfactory lovemaking session.

The Conclusion

Whenever there is a case regarding human health, we can only reach to any conclusion after confirming the scientific facts. As per the medical experts, an ED medication is formulated to promote the blood flow into the penis to revive the dead or damaged erectile tissues. In the case of a sexually healthy person, that extra surge in the blood flow might give a bigger erection than the normal, in the initial few uses of medicine like Kamagra or Sildenafil tablets. But, repeated uses of such drugs for a non-ED patient might develop a tolerance for such compounds. In such cases, if those persons get ED in future, then for such people, those anti-ED pills might not work again. Doctors also say that if a person doesn’t have ED and still, he repeatedly consumes the PDE inhibiting drugs, it might even damage the blood vessels of the penis.

So, if you don’t have ED but still have been using those anti-impotence drugs, then it might not be a good idea. As long as you are capable enough to get erections naturally, be contented with it and you must not try any product to boost your sexual performance, which is not scientifically suggested.