Erectile Dysfunction

All You Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a very common problem in men at midlife.  Many men, when realizing that they are affected by ED, consider the stage an end of life. But, it’s just an exaggerated conception one holds about this medical condition. Actually, all you need is ample knowledge about any subject that can help you to escape from any sort of trouble.  In this article, the effort has been made to educate people about Erectile Dysfunction and effective preventive measures have been mentioned which can save a lot of people from getting caught by this besetting medical condition.

Facts Found In Scientific Study

According to the research done by a medical institute, UK men fall between the age of 40 to 70 are often reported with the problem of weaker erection in the penis or a complete dysfunction in the reproductive organ.

A bunch of ED patients were continuously kept under observation and were prescribed some lifestyle changes which resulted in spontaneous improvement of the erectile dysfunction in over 89 per cent men.

Improvement of the heart health

A decline in the cardiovascular health takes away the body’s ability to supply sufficient blood needed to attain a healthy erection in men. Heart disease always makes the patient prone towards ED. Patients with cardiovascular diseases are recommended the following steps from the prevention of ED:

  • Avoid Smoking—Smoking is one of the main cause of heart disease, which sometimes escalates to ED.
  • Avoid Alcohol—People with cardiovascular diseases shall quit alcoholic beverages to refrain from getting affected by ED.
  • Exercise—Cardiovascular diseases can cause a potential threat to life. Exercising regularly can help the person to maintain a balanced weight which can help to assuage the cardiovascular ailments and ensure the prevention from ED. 

Top Up The Testosterone

In many studies, it’s been found that many men face the problem of ED due to low testosterone levels. On the proper diagnosis of the medical condition, if the reason pops up as the low testosterone levels, then the person shall consider consulting a medical expert and restore the normal range of testosterone in the body. The normal range of testosterone level in a man’s body is between 280 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL).

A Timely Sleep

Lack of sleep can affect the sexual health of a man. There are men who don’t have a fixed schedule of sleep and push themselves too hard in performing different tasks at night instead of having a peaceful bedtime. Such individuals are often found to be prone towards ED more than men who prefer sleeping at night.

A Narrow Seat Of Your Bike Might Take Your Virility

Some studies show that a bicycle seat which is too narrow can put excess pressure on the pelvic region of the rider which can cause damage to the blood vessels around the penile area. This cause an interrupted blood blow in the penile region and a regular cyclist, who use such narrow seat may face weak erections in the penis.

The Wrong Choice Of Libido Boosting Drugs

Men are always ambitious on the linens. Some men get too desperate to perform on the bed with their female mates and in the course of that, they resort to some knock-off in the hope of achieving better erections. As a matter of fact, there are only a few scientifically proven drugs which can help an individual to achieve better erections. Kamagra, being one of authentic ED treating drug is an approved drug by FDA and can help an ED patient to treat the condition and achieve a healthy erection. People who are disturbed by their sexual performance and have ED can buy Kamagra from the trusted and legit medicine suppliers and treat their ailment effectively.