Most Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sensitive topic which gets every man in a pensive mood. It is a curse on the manhood of a guy. Erectile dysfunction is a prevalent sexual disorder which has affected more than 20% population of men alone in the UK. Male impotence is totally uncertain and doesn’t show any symptoms before striking the individual at full pace. Since it’s a less talked about disease, people often concoct stories about this medical condition and a lot of speculations circulate among a mass population. Such presumptions often lead to many myths down the line which further confounds the men and hinders them from reaching any conclusion about this manhood killing ailment.

Let’s see five of these myths about erectile dysfunction here:

Myth 1: Aging is The Sole Cause of Impotence

Debunking The Myth: 

Many people believe that a man starts losing his ability to gain erection in the penis with the increasing age. Increasing age can be instrumental in causing erectile dysfunction, but clearly not the sole cause. Sometimes even a 25-year-old bloke can be victimized by impotency, you can’t blame your age then, right?

It’s just the underlying medical condition which escalates with the increasing age. Diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease often reason to be the root cause of the hindered blood flow to the penile region which eventually leads to the dysfunction or weakening of any organ of the body.

Myth 2: Tight Clothing Causes ED

Debunking The Myth:

Many people believe that wearing tight pant or underwear causes infertility, and such clothing causes weakness in the reproductive organ of a man. Which is not true at all, there are no studies which can corroborate such claims.

Myth 3: Oral Medications don’t work for every ED patient

Debunking The Myth:  

Many people who face the brunt of ED on their lives often resort to some oral drugs like Kamagra or viagra. Oral erectile dysfunction drugs are considered to be the most prompt-result-producing way to overcome the condition of a weak erection of the penis. But, the catch is, such medicine users need to follow the proper directions of usage, people usually don’t take the bother of reading the directions of any medicine and start using them arbitrarily. Due to such ignorance, people misconstrue the quality of the medications and impeach the credibility of the drugs.

Myth 4: Herbal Medicines Can Cure ED

Debunking The Myth:

Nowadays, herbal medicines are overpowering all the allopathic remedies. There are several herbal medications being pitched by suppliers which are claiming to treat an erectile dysfunction. As per the study, such medications are totally ineffective on the erectile tissues and will simply keep you stranded with hope to get healed but you would always be far away from the actual healing. Only scientifically tested medical ingredient- Sildenafil has been proven effective on the erectile dysfunction of men so far as per the records.

Myth 5: Unattractive partner doesn’t turn you on

Debunking The Myth: 

Many men won’t like this fact but male partners often put the blame of their erectile dysfunction on their female mates. They say their partners don’t turn them on… But, that’s nothing but rubbish. Men often this point as an alibi to save themselves. But, is it really that hard to turn on a man?—Word for a wise—A virile man can be turned on even by a picture of a woman.

These are just common myths which are often talked about in the society, it is important for people to have the judicious to differentiate between the hearsay stories and the real facts. Erectile dysfunction is a serious issue among men and any misapprehended fact can even worsen the medical condition. So, it’s really important to understand the facts behind every hearsay stories and follow the guidelines and advice of a medical expert to deal with a besetting disease like erectile dysfunction.