Try These Natural Remedies To Deal With ED Before You Buy Kamagra

Natural Remedies for ED before buy kamagra

The impact of erectile dysfunction can be found in a large portion of the male population in the UK. Thanks to medical science, the constant development led to a highly efficacious drug like Kamagra (a branded version of generic sildenafil) which treats this men’s issue with utmost efficiency. Continue reading “Try These Natural Remedies To Deal With ED Before You Buy Kamagra”

Most Interesting Facts About Kamagra

Kamagra is a new age ED drug which has surprised the western pharmaceutical world since its advent. Kamagra is a nonindigenous drug in UK and Europe, which makes the drug very elusive for the people in the corresponding geographies. Due to the lack of information about this ED drug in the UK, a lot of misconceptions and concocted stories circulate among people which only make this drug more nescient substance.

Keeping the rumours apart, if we dig a little deeper into the composition of the drug, all the mysteries associated with this anti-impotence drug can be unfolded. Although the name of the drug is itself an enigmatic term and to some extent, it’s quite inexplicable as well but the composition of this pharmaceutical drug is feasible to comprehend by a layman.

Here are some of the facts about Kamagra which can help a lot of people to understand this FDA approved ED drug:

  • The active ingredient of the medication “Sildenafil Citrate” holds the whole importance.

Kamagra is formulated using a scientifically tested ingredient called Sildenafil, a medical compound which has proven efficacy in treating erectile dysfunction in men. This compound works on the weak erectile tissues of the reproductive organ by dilating the blood vessels, this promotes the arterial blood flow and revitalize the dead or weak erectile tissues. The whole process eventually causes a hard and healthy erection of the penis when the organ is supported by a simultaneous stimulation.

  • Kamagra is not different than Viagra.

Viagra might not be so unfamiliar name for most of the ED patients as Kamagra is…The scientific facts and the reports of FDA manifest that the efficacy of Kamagra on erectile dysfunction is not any different than Viagra. Both the medications are synthesised using the same active ingredient and the binding agent. The difference is just the price in both oral medications, Kamagra cost only £0.69 per tablet whereas Viagra cost 7 to 8 times more in the UK and US pharmaceutical market.

  • The Reason For Non-availability of Kamagra in the conventional pharmacies—It is an OTC drug.

Kamagra is manufactured by a pharmaceutical giant called Ajanta Pharmaceuticals, located in India. The reason for unavailability of this drug in the physical pharmacies is due to the fact that the drug gets imported all the way from a different corner of the world. No wonder, why this drug does not get prescribed by the doctors easily in the UK and some regions of Europe. Fortunately, some licensed pharmaceutical suppliers offer this drug as an Over-The-Counter medication through their online medicine supplying platform. This gives a good opportunity for the ED patients to buy Kamagra online without any doctor’s prescription.




Best Place To Buy Kamagra Online

Kamagra is the most popular search term on the internet among the men who face the impact of Erectile Dysfunction. Most of the ED drug users find it is an effective drug for their medical condition. Apart from the high efficacy of Kamagra on men’s sexual disorder, the reason for its prevalence above other PDE-5 inhibitors is the economical pricing of the drug which is surfacing as the most prominent factor for the increasing number of seekers of this oral medication.

Before knowing the safe way to buy it, let’s see what makes this newly developed PDE-5 inhibitor so effective:

The efficacy of Kamagra is due to the use of sildenafil as the active ingredient in the medicine. Sildenafil Citrate is the first PDE-5 class of drugs which was formulated in 1998, choosing any brand of ED drugs which has documented proof of using sildenafil as the active ingredient of the oral drug assures its efficacy on the treatment of erectile dysfunction or weak erection of the reproductive organ. Medicine composed of sildenafil, on ingestion kicks into the system within 15 to 20 minutes and dissolve into the bloodstream. Then the chemical reaction formed into the system widens the blood vessels in the body and which promotes the blood flow into the penile region and revive the dead or weak erectile tissues. There are many ED drugs which claim to contain sildenafil, but only a handful of them are genuine.

Sildenafil is a generic compound, which means it’s not possible for a layman to procure it. The big pharmaceutical brands which use generic sildenafil in the composition of their own branded version of oral ED drug usually charge a whopping amount for a single dose. Luckily, the OTC medicine—Kamagra  (contains sildenafil) gives the option to the ED drug seekers to procure the medicine at a nominal cost of £1.2 per pill.

Don’t Be Deceived When You Plan To Buy Kamagra Online

At the present scenario, there are numerous platforms which can be seen selling Kamagra online in the UK. But, the problem rise due to some illicit platforms which try to sell some knock-off drugs. Since Kamagra is not an indigenous medication in UK and Europe, most of the people find it difficult to garner the information regarding the medication and its right usage. Such a situation turns into an advantage to the misleading sellers and they simply offer some phoney tablets on the name of Kamagra.

To identify such scams and protect yourself from getting defrauded by such deceptive drug suppliers, one needs to understand the basics methods to identify the authentication of the medication.

Here are some pointers which you can refer while you buy Kamagra online:

  • Start off with the relevant search on the search engine—

Perhaps, this may sound irrelevant at first, but once you are sure about the medical product you want to procure, a search on Google with the specific keyword like “Kamagra” or “buy Kamagra” can pop up the websites of the best online sellers of the pertinent drug.

  • Check The Credibility Of The Online Drug Selling Platform

It is imperative to check the reputation and reviews of the website from which you choose to buy Kamagra online. Kamagra, being an OTC medicine can only be sold by suppliers who possess the required license to offer such rare drugs online. If a trading company has a good reputation in the pharmaceutical industry, then few good words about the supplier can be evidently seen on public forums.

  • Check The Pricing Of The Drug

Despite the high demand of Kamagra in UK, the fact can’t be denied that the drug gets imported from far in the east. Therefore, the supply of such nonindigenous drug is inconsistent at times. Due to such scarcity of the supply, the price of Kamagra can fluctuate on platforms who aren’t the regular sellers of such rare drug in UK. A trustworthy Kamagra seller who aims for client-satisfaction will keep a stagnant price tag on the medications.

If you are one of those unfortunate individuals who has been victimized by erectile dysfunction and want an economical anti-impotence drug to treat your medical condition then Kamagra might be the right drug for you. If you are located in UK and in the western European region and you want to buy Kamagra online, just make sure you choose the right platform for the purchase of the drug.


Understanding Erectile Dysfunction From Its Roots

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a sexual disorder which can be theoretically explained as a consistent inability of a man to gain a healthy erection in the penis and sustain it to have a sexual intercourse. It makes the man incapable to perform any sexual intercourse. In the studies, it’s been found that 1 out of every 5 adult man suffers from ED at some stage of his life.

ED Is Misunderstood With Poor Libido

It’s been often observed that people comprehend the dysfunction of the penis as a result of poor libido, which is scientifically untrue. Sexual dysfunction in men is a vast topic and problems like poor libido and premature ejaculation are classified as different kinds of sexual dysfunction. As far as ED is concerned, it is caused by different reasons than of poor libido and men with ED have been found to have a healthy libido. In most of the cases of patients affected by ED, different underlying medical conditions are responsible for the problem.

 The Forewarnings

ED is a sexual dysfunction which does not give much of a symptom before striking an individual. Still, based on the observations, if someone experiences the following conditions frequently, then perhaps the individual is nearing to the moat of ED:

  • A soft erection which makes the intercourse difficult consistently.
  • Erections which last for a very brief amount of time.
  • When excessive stimulation is required to get even a mild stiffness in the penis.

Who Has a Higher Chance Of Getting ED?

Different Sexual Disorders and ED become very common as a man ages. The percentage of ED patients has increased from 5 % to 20 % over the last decade. Usually, men between the age group of 40 to 70 suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction, but this doesn’t mean younger men are totally immune to this medical problem. Hispanic men are more susceptible to ED and those men who have a medical history of diabetes, obesity and hypertension also have higher chances to be affected by impotence.

 What Actually Happens In The Reproductive Organ During ED?

The male reproductive organ gets stiff and erect when the blood circulating in the vessels enters the chamber called corpora cavernosal. On receiving the oxygenated blood to the masses of the erectile tissues, the penis gets expanded and stiffened. This process is bolstered by the release of dopamine from the central nervous system. The whole process is triggered by impulses from the genital nerves. A blockage in these impulses or a restriction in the blood flow into the penile region can cause ED.

 Medication Which Can Help Treat ED

European Medical Agency (EMA) and Food and Drug Association (FDA) have approved only 4 medical compounds (sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil & avanafil) for the treatment of ED. These medical compounds are considered as the first-line treatment available for ED but other alternate and more complex treatments also exist in the medical science.  Branded medications like Kamagra and Silagra are synthesised of using sildenafil as the active ingredient. Another legally available brand in the retail market of pharmaceuticals is Levitra, which contains vardenafil as the active component and is considered one of the most potent anti-impotent drugs.  However, it’s very important to know the right dose of the medications to have an optimum effect of the compound on the targeted medical problem.

Is It Safe To Buy Kamagra?

What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is scientifically defined as a PDE 5 inhibiting compound which is formulated using Sildenafil as the active ingredient. Some binding agents are also used in the synthesis of this drug. The drug kicks in the system within 15 to 20 minutes of ingestion and targets the arteries which are directed to the penile region of a man. The active compound of Kamagra—Sildenafil, on dissolving completely in the bloodstream cause a chemical reaction which widens the blood vessels around the reproductive organ, which allows the flow of required amount of oxygenated blood to the penis. As a result, the weakened erectile tissues get revitalised and restore its ability to gain a healthy erection.

Now the question rises again that how safe is it to buy Kamagra and why should ED patients choose this drug over other anti-impotence medication?

On a fair note, there has never been any reported case of drug abuse associated with Kamagra. Thousands of packs of Kamagra are being sold each month in UK and Europe, most of the existing users of Kamagra always can be seen leaving a positive review on different portals on the internet.  From the medical perspective, the fact that the drug is composed of concentrated and authentic sildenafil assures the quality of the medication. Therefore, all these factors collectively approve of this drug as a safe ED medicine, which comes at a 6 to 7 times cheaper price than other ED medications.

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a common problem these days, men over the age of 40 often get victimised by this disease.  Noticing the rapid growth in the number of the patients of ED, a medical institute conducted a study on this medical subject. As per the projection of the scientists involved in the study, more than 300 million people worldwide will be suffering from this medical condition by the year 2030.

However, the growth of the number of ED patients has also led to the discovery of many treatment options over the past 2 decades. Levitra tablets (Vardenafil ), Eriacta (Tadalafil) and the popular Kamagra (Sildenafil) are few of the examples of the oral treatments available to counter the effect of ED.

Popular Searches On Internet For ED Treatment

The patients of Erectile Dysfunction become desperate to cure their medical condition and scour for every possible solution to escape from the moat of impotence. Generally, a person suffering from the problem of ED shies away from consulting a medical practitioner just because of the sheer embarrassment he might feel talking about the issue. Such people often resort on Google in hope to find a quick solution for their ailment. A quick Google search with the phrase like “ED medication” gives a result with a variety of remedial products including gels, pumps and tablets.

A very common answer which Google shows as an answer on the search phrase like ED treatment is “Kamagra.” Kamagra is a very common medication on the online pharmaceutical stores in the UK these days.



All You Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a very common problem in men at midlife.  Many men, when realizing that they are affected by ED, consider the stage an end of life. But, it’s just an exaggerated conception one holds about this medical condition. Actually, all you need is ample knowledge about any subject that can help you to escape from any sort of trouble.  In this article, the effort has been made to educate people about Erectile Dysfunction and effective preventive measures have been mentioned which can save a lot of people from getting caught by this besetting medical condition.

Facts Found In Scientific Study

According to the research done by a medical institute, UK men fall between the age of 40 to 70 are often reported with the problem of weaker erection in the penis or a complete dysfunction in the reproductive organ.

A bunch of ED patients were continuously kept under observation and were prescribed some lifestyle changes which resulted in spontaneous improvement of the erectile dysfunction in over 89 per cent men.

Improvement of the heart health

A decline in the cardiovascular health takes away the body’s ability to supply sufficient blood needed to attain a healthy erection in men. Heart disease always makes the patient prone towards ED. Patients with cardiovascular diseases are recommended the following steps from the prevention of ED:

  • Avoid Smoking—Smoking is one of the main cause of heart disease, which sometimes escalates to ED.
  • Avoid Alcohol—People with cardiovascular diseases shall quit alcoholic beverages to refrain from getting affected by ED.
  • Exercise—Cardiovascular diseases can cause a potential threat to life. Exercising regularly can help the person to maintain a balanced weight which can help to assuage the cardiovascular ailments and ensure the prevention from ED. 

Top Up The Testosterone

In many studies, it’s been found that many men face the problem of ED due to low testosterone levels. On the proper diagnosis of the medical condition, if the reason pops up as the low testosterone levels, then the person shall consider consulting a medical expert and restore the normal range of testosterone in the body. The normal range of testosterone level in a man’s body is between 280 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL).

A Timely Sleep

Lack of sleep can affect the sexual health of a man. There are men who don’t have a fixed schedule of sleep and push themselves too hard in performing different tasks at night instead of having a peaceful bedtime. Such individuals are often found to be prone towards ED more than men who prefer sleeping at night.

A Narrow Seat Of Your Bike Might Take Your Virility

Some studies show that a bicycle seat which is too narrow can put excess pressure on the pelvic region of the rider which can cause damage to the blood vessels around the penile area. This cause an interrupted blood blow in the penile region and a regular cyclist, who use such narrow seat may face weak erections in the penis.

The Wrong Choice Of Libido Boosting Drugs

Men are always ambitious on the linens. Some men get too desperate to perform on the bed with their female mates and in the course of that, they resort to some knock-off in the hope of achieving better erections. As a matter of fact, there are only a few scientifically proven drugs which can help an individual to achieve better erections. Kamagra, being one of authentic ED treating drug is an approved drug by FDA and can help an ED patient to treat the condition and achieve a healthy erection. People who are disturbed by their sexual performance and have ED can buy Kamagra from the trusted and legit medicine suppliers and treat their ailment effectively.

Treatment Options Available For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is also called impotence in colloquial language. It is the inability of men to attain or maintain an erection in the penis for the desired time for satisfactory intimate acts. Although it’s a benign disorder and it can’t lead to any life-threatening condition but it can have a significant impact on the quality of life of sufferers and their partners. Patients of ED should consider their disorder to be diagnosed by some medical expert and subsequently should embark on any treatment.

First-Line Therapy for ED—The Oral Drugs

Some oral drugs are formulated to improve the relaxation of the smooth muscles in the penis. Categorised in the drug class of Phosphodiesterase inhibitors, the efficacy of these oral medications depend on the release of nitric oxide from the nerve terminals. The active ingredients used in the oral ED drugs kick in the system and dissolve in the bloodstream with a varying onset between 10 – 30 minutes. Thereafter the ingredient of the medication causes the release of a chemical called dopamine from the central nervous system. On the release of sufficient amount of dopamine, the excessive amount of calcium deposit around the blood vessels gets reduced. It allows the oxygenated blood to flow through the reproductive organ freely and restore the ability of the penis to gain an erection.

Here are few of the scientifically approved oral compounds which are classified as Phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE-5 inhibitors):

 1. Sildenafil Citrate—

  • An FDA approved compound which improves erectile dysfunction and is usually well tolerated by the users.
  • It is not so efficacious when taken immediately after heavy or fatty meals.
  • An initial dose of 50 mg Sildenafil is recommended for the initial users
  • Kamagra tablets, Kamagra Jelly and Silagra tablets are few of the trusted and popular brands for generic sildenafil.

2. Tadalafil—

  • It’s commonly used as the prime ingredient in many oral ED drugs including the most popular Apcalis jelly.
  • It is approved by FDA and has a longer half-life than most other active ingredients used in ED drugs.
  • It is effective after 20 minutes of consumption with a peak effect after two hours.
  • Users can start with a dose of 10 mg and can increase the amount onwards, depending on the response of the drug

3. Vardenafil—

  • It is one of the most potent medical compounds which has is used in the formulation of some medically acclaimed ED drug like Levitra.
  • The ideal dose for this PDE 5 inhibiting agents is 20 mg, consuming more than that may cause unwanted effects.
  • This medication should not be taken with a fatty meal.

Kamagra Tablets—The Cheapest ED Medication In UK

We are going to know about a solution which can be a boon for all ED patients. We are talking about the Kamagra tablets, which treat the damaged erectile tissues of the penis and hardly cause any side-effects on the users. These FDA approved Kamagra Tablets can be procured online without taking the hassle to show any doctor’s prescription. Also, Kamagra tablets are such an affordable medication which patients can easily afford without disturbing their budget.

As per a study, more than 20% men suffer from the problem of weak erection or perhaps Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Out of those men majority of them never take a substantial step to find a solution for their sexual disorder and choose to remain untreated. Among those ignorant ED patients, one kind of men are those who avoid consulting a doctor just due to sheer embarrassment they feel while talking about their virility and another kind of men are those who just can’t afford the treatment options available to them.

What Makes Kamagra Tablets Different From Other ED Drugs?

The first and foremost point about kamagra tablets is that they are formulated using an active ingredient called Sildenafil which is a scientifically tested compound to treat the erectile tissues of the male reproductive organ. Following are few more points which will give a clear overview of the differences between Kamagra tablets and other ED Drugs.

  • The Price factor—Each kamagra tablet costs around £ 1.2 whereas other ED drugs usually cost between £ 7 – 8 per tablet.
  • Online Availability—Kamagra tablets are one of those rarest OTC drugs which can be purchased online without the need to show any doctor’s prescription. Without showing a legitimate prescription of a doctor, you can’t source any other ED drug easily from online or offline platforms.
  • Assured results—The presence of authentic sildenafil compound in Kamagra tablets ensure the efficacy of this treatment on impotence, the medication got a green flag from departments like Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Many other ED drugs available in the market usually lack these approvals from the federal agencies which puts the quality of those drugs in question.

The Right Dose Of Kamagra Tablets

The recommended dose of Kamagra tablets for the initial users is 50 mg. Each kamagra tablet comes in 100 mg dose, which can be split into half to consume the required milder dose. However, with the repetitive dose of Kamagra tablets, an ED patient may find the medicine less effective. This usually happens after the use of this pharmaceutical drug for few months, but people shouldn’t start doubting the efficacy of this drug instantly. It is only because the mechanism of the human body sometimes gets used to stagnant amount of chemicals being consumed and stops responding to it. In such cases, Kamagra users shall gradually increase the dose to 100 mg at a time, the increased amount of the medical compound ensures that the body responds to the medicine and enables the user to achieve a healthy erection.

Sildenafil Citrate—The First Ever Formulated Medical Compound For The Treatment Of ED

Sildenafil CitrateSildenafil is a generic medical compound which was synthesised by an elite group of scientists associated with the pharmaceutical giant—Pfizer in the mid-1990’s. The formulation of Sildenafil Citrate 100mg tablets was done with the vision to treat hypertension and angina. But, during the initial studies, the medicine was found to have a very mild effect on angina. Such failure in the experiments caused a big disappointment to the scientists but the team persevered with subsequent trials. Soon it was found in a trial that Sildenafil was affecting the erectile dysfunction in men much more positively than other physical ailments. Such discovery led the company to patent the drug in 1996, and about a couple of years later in 1998, Sildenafil Citrate was approved by FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil became the first oral treatment which was approved by the government authorities for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Soon, the generic sildenafil pills were marketed by the company for the sale and as per the records, the sales figures of this particular pharmaceutical drug touched almost US$ 2 billion mark.

How Does Sildenafil Citrate Work On Erectile Dysfunction?

Tablets of Sildenafil Citrate 100mg, when kicks in the system reduce the excess calcium deposit around the smooth muscles of the penis. The medical compound enables the brain to release more dopamine when the user gets some sexual stimulation. Also, on dissolving fully into the bloodstream, the chemical agents present in the drug target the blood vessels of the entire body, especially the penile region and opens up the blocked regions of the vessels to promote the flow of oxygenated blood to the organ. On receiving the sufficient amount of blood in the reproductive system, along with the release of the optimum level of dopamine, the user feels revitalised in the reproductive organ and able to achieve a healthy and desired erection. The whole chemical process takes about 20 – 30 minutes to work in the human body.

The optimum Dose Of Sildenafil To Achieve A Perfect Erection

A human body usually can’t withstand the sudden chemical change in the body. That’s why doctors recommended an ED-affected patient to start off with a mild dose of Sildenafil Citrate 100mg . It allows the body to cope up with the changing balance of the endogenous chemicals and react positively over the period of time. ED patients are recommended to gradually increase the dose of Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg, with doctor’s consultation. This increment in the quantity of the medical compound ensures a continuous improvement in the quality of the erection.

Common Brands Which Use Sildenafil As Active Ingredient To Formulate ED Medications:

Though there are other ED medications available which claim to contain sildenafil citrate as the prime ingredient, the aforementioned medicines are known to be the best in the class and are the cheapest ED drugs.

Is Kamagra Better Than Viagra?

Kamagra vied with Viagra for over a span of half decade and eventually has been able to prove its mark now. The rivalry is always there in the business, be it a flashy fashion industry or noble the pharmaceutical sector. A similar tussle has been going on between two brands of the same generic medicine, which is classified in the drug class—PDE5 inhibitors.

Viagra has always been in the hegemonic class of medicines for over a decade and all other erectile dysfunction drugs were sidelined by the industry as the suppliers were able to retain a larger cut on Viagra in comparison to any other anti-impotence drug introduced to the market.

The Advent of Kamagra Stormed the Pharmaceutical Market in the West 

In the year 2010, the pharmaceutical giant in India named Ajanta Pharma came up with this cheaper alternative of Viagra with the name of Kamagra. At first, different medical institutes showed scepticism towards this novel medical product, but the results of the clinical trials of the medicine were made public along with the corroborating statement from FDA, it drew attention from all the elite doctors around the world.

The dissemination of Kamagra was limited to Asia till 2012, but gradually on knowing the remarkable positive effect of this medicine on erectile dysfunction, many pharmaceutical suppliers from the western countries started their endeavor to import this drug to their local market, and this strategy from the pharmaceutical traders in the UK lead to the arrival in the pharmaceutical market. This advent of Kamagra didn’t go well down the throat of many pharmaceutical manufacturers around the whole western geography and they started their effort to show Kamagra in the bad light— a product which was gradually gaining its edge over Viagra and was affecting the sales of it comprehensively.

Case Studies Suggested Viagra Caused Priapism But Kamagra Didn’t Show Any Such Problem On The User

Several cased studies showed many users of Viagra expressed discomfort in the erection on its regular usage. There have been cases of priapism as well among the Viagra users since 2008, which caused a huge demand in the market for an effective alternative. Perhaps, many people are unaware of the fact that Kamagra is the only Sildenafil based medication which has been proven to have negligible side-effects on the user. Moreover, in the span of half decade, there has been no case of priapism reported by the users of Kamagra anywhere in the world.

The Major Difference—Costs Way Cheaper Than Viagra

Who doesn’t like saving a few pennies, if he can? Well, it’s surely possible in the case of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs at least.  Being the medicines from the same drug class, Kamagra and Viagra both share similar potency and properties, but both the Ed drugs have a huge dissimilarity in terms of affordability.

kamagra tablets in UK
kamagra 100 mg tablet

A 100 mg tablet cost roughly around 1.2£ whereas many platforms have been found flogging Viagra for almost 8£ per pill. That’s an astonishing difference between two drugs which have same efficacy and synthesised using the exact same ingredients. People, who aren’t blind followers of Viagra bandwagon, can give a thought on their choice and opt Kamagra over any other overpriced ED treating drug to treat their impotence.