Most Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sensitive topic which gets every man in a pensive mood. It is a curse on the manhood of a guy. Erectile dysfunction is a prevalent sexual disorder which has affected more than 20% population of men alone in the UK. Male impotence is totally uncertain and doesn’t show any symptoms before striking the individual at full pace. Since it’s a less talked about disease, people often concoct stories about this medical condition and a lot of speculations circulate among a mass population. Such presumptions often lead to many myths down the line which further confounds the men and hinders them from reaching any conclusion about this manhood killing ailment.

Let’s see five of these myths about erectile dysfunction here:

Myth 1: Aging is The Sole Cause of Impotence

Debunking The Myth: 

Many people believe that a man starts losing his ability to gain erection in the penis with the increasing age. Increasing age can be instrumental in causing erectile dysfunction, but clearly not the sole cause. Sometimes even a 25-year-old bloke can be victimized by impotency, you can’t blame your age then, right?

It’s just the underlying medical condition which escalates with the increasing age. Diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease often reason to be the root cause of the hindered blood flow to the penile region which eventually leads to the dysfunction or weakening of any organ of the body.

Myth 2: Tight Clothing Causes ED

Debunking The Myth:

Many people believe that wearing tight pant or underwear causes infertility, and such clothing causes weakness in the reproductive organ of a man. Which is not true at all, there are no studies which can corroborate such claims.

Myth 3: Oral Medications don’t work for every ED patient

Debunking The Myth:  

Many people who face the brunt of ED on their lives often resort to some oral drugs like Kamagra or viagra. Oral erectile dysfunction drugs are considered to be the most prompt-result-producing way to overcome the condition of a weak erection of the penis. But, the catch is, such medicine users need to follow the proper directions of usage, people usually don’t take the bother of reading the directions of any medicine and start using them arbitrarily. Due to such ignorance, people misconstrue the quality of the medications and impeach the credibility of the drugs.

Myth 4: Herbal Medicines Can Cure ED

Debunking The Myth:

Nowadays, herbal medicines are overpowering all the allopathic remedies. There are several herbal medications being pitched by suppliers which are claiming to treat an erectile dysfunction. As per the study, such medications are totally ineffective on the erectile tissues and will simply keep you stranded with hope to get healed but you would always be far away from the actual healing. Only scientifically tested medical ingredient- Sildenafil has been proven effective on the erectile dysfunction of men so far as per the records.

Myth 5: Unattractive partner doesn’t turn you on

Debunking The Myth: 

Many men won’t like this fact but male partners often put the blame of their erectile dysfunction on their female mates. They say their partners don’t turn them on… But, that’s nothing but rubbish. Men often this point as an alibi to save themselves. But, is it really that hard to turn on a man?—Word for a wise—A virile man can be turned on even by a picture of a woman.

These are just common myths which are often talked about in the society, it is important for people to have the judicious to differentiate between the hearsay stories and the real facts. Erectile dysfunction is a serious issue among men and any misapprehended fact can even worsen the medical condition. So, it’s really important to understand the facts behind every hearsay stories and follow the guidelines and advice of a medical expert to deal with a besetting disease like erectile dysfunction.

A Dissection Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an alarming subject and medical condition which has been misapprehended by many people worldwide. People shy away from talking about it, even the closes pals refrain from uttering a word about this sensitive subject.

All the inexplicit data available about erectile dysfunction only cause more confusion among people who have the inclination to know about this topic. Here, we are going to talk about some no-nonsense topics which are pertinent to the impotence and we will also learn some common viable treatments to treat this medical condition.

A Due Diagnosis Instead Of Speculation

We all are aware of general human nature, nobody hesitates from throwing out an expert opinion. Most people reach conclusions based on the mere speculations. Erectile Dysfunction isn’t a tidbit trouble like a headache or nausea which can be attenuated by random homemade remedies, so speculating about such serious ailment is only going to bring you few more confused questions.

All you need in such ailing state is a proper diagnosis in a certified laboratory to clear up the clouds of doubts from the mind.

A proper diagnosis can include several steps which ensure the finding of an underlying reason behind the medical condition gets discovered without any lapse.

A medical diagnosis of erectile dysfunction may include the following procedures:

  • Physical examination of your penile region to check the nerves for sensation in the reproductive organ.
  • Blood tests might be done to figure out if the ED is caused by other medical conditions like diabetes, low testosterone level, etc.
  • Urinalysis—A urinal test can spot the presence of diabetes and other underlying health conditions which might be the genesis of impotence.
  • Ultrasound can be the last option taken by a doctor during the diagnosis of impotence in a man. This procedure involves a scan of the reproductive organ along with the nearby region with the help of a device which transmits the scanned images into the monitor. The procedure allows the doctor to conclude if any blood vessel around the penile region is suppressed or damaged which is hindering the required blood flow to the organ.

The Expensive Treatments Of ED They Recommend

On proper diagnosis, your doctor may recommend you some expensive treatment options including testosterone replacement and other troublesome injectable treatment. Although, these methods do work effectively but cost on the higher side which sometimes makes the patient reluctant to undergo such treatment options.

The Best Alternative Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction—The Novel Oral Medications

Scientists have taken the fretting problem of impotence quite seriously over the years, and it’s the result of their continuous experiments, today we have few scientifically tested and proven compounds which can work on the erectile tissues efficiently and can repair the damage incurred on suppressed blood vessels around the penile region.

There are 4 medical compounds which are used as prime ingredients in the synthesis of an Ed-medication. Find them below:

The Easy Way To Deal With Impotence

A controlled diet which includes high fibre & low carbohydrate food, regular exercise regime and less indulgence in alcoholic beverages can help in the prevention of Erectile dysfunction.  A bit of precaution can help you to maintain your virility on the linens even beyond the age you can imagine. And, god forbid…if you have already been victimized by impotence, then you need to keep a calm head on your shoulders. Simply start using the recommended dosages of oral medication like kamagra which can restore your sexual potency before each venereal act.

Why Is Kamagra Not Popular As Viagra?

kamagra-versus-viagraAs we know, the new inclusion of this Ed-medication—kamagra gained a lot of appreciation and trust from its users in the UK and in the western European countries. But, it’s a pity as well as shame that bunch of Viagra suppliers and retailers are leaving no stones unturned to defame the hard-earned reputation of kamagra with some ridiculous and misleading information.

Impeaching The Efficacy Of Kamagra

Viagra retailers and suppliers have been calling the efficacy of Kamagra into question! Someone, who has even a bit of knowledge of medicinal concepts, will be easily able to conclude that these remarks are totally hollow. Even several medical institutions debunked these claimed by several chaos creators, and have reconfirmed that the efficacy of Kamagra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Showing Kamagra In The Bad Light During Viagra Promotion

Promoter and suppliers of Viagra are playing a hard ball! They are just adamant to show Kamagra in the bad light even during the road promotions of Viagra. Whether it’s an online pharmacy or a conventional store, promoters of Viagra are desperately spreading bad words about kamagra to increase their product sale. And to some extent, this strategy worked for them as many existing users of kamagra started doubting the credibility of this medicine.

No room for virtuosity for such brand promoters, but gradually with the testimonies of different medical institutes and truthful and positive words spread by the loyal client base of kamagra is helping the brain to restore the antagonist image among people. After all, truth can’t be hidden for long!

Facts Which Help Kamagra To Reclaim its Throne

In spite of several efforts of defamation from the arch-rivals, still, nobody can deny the scientific facts. The crux of the matter is—any medical compound consists of an active ingredient which acts as the nucleus of the medicine—and in the case of Kamagra versus Viagra, this active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate. Scientifically, the composition of both Viagra and kamagra is almost identical. One of the factors which make both these medicines comparable is the variety of forms in which Kamagra is available (chewable soft tablet & jelly) unlike Viagra, which is offered in general hard tablet form. In fact, the variants available for kamagra put the brand a yard ahead of Viagra in the race. And, certainly, the other factor is the price of kamagra, which is around three times lesser than Viagra. All this positivity about kamagra certainly is not going down the throat of Viagra suppliers and promoters and they are desperately fidgeting to stay afloat in the business.

An Unbiased Conclusion

A word to the wise, you want to save money, you want an effective medicine for your ED and you want an easy access to such medicine which is reliable and medically approved. You have two major medicinal brands in front of you today which can treat your ailment effectively, but one of them doesn’t leave a burning hole in your pocket unlike the other one in the lineup. Now, all you need to do is never just believe on the hearsay! Go through all the aspects of Kamagra or Viagra, and make a choice for yourself smartly. No matter how many competitors come to the market, eventually the ball is always going to be in your court.

The Buzz About Kamagra —Reasons & Future

kamagra-growth-in-uk-marketYou browse through different websites and you bump into a term—Kamagra, Totally nescient about it, right? Actually like you there are many who might not know yet about Kamagra completely. If you are among those who haven’t dug deep about this medication yet but still hold the curiosity to know about it, then you are at the right platform here!

Let’s begin with the popularity of Kamagra, it’s a novelty in the ED-drug class. As we know, hundreds of thousands of people are affected by Erectile Dysfunction today, but the majority of them are either ignorant about it and few deliberately overlook the condition thinking of it as a public embarrassment. You must know, ED is a disease which every man must not trifle with. It can destroy your manhood permanently and eradicate the sexual bliss from your life.

The Reason For Kamagra’s Popularity

A normal person when thinking about Erectile Dysfunction would normally think of Viagra, as it is so hyped from the past 2 decades, but wait! Recently Kamagra is replacing that hype with its economical pricing and proven effects.

Kamagra is the perfect substitute for Viagra since both the medicines are based on the same active ingredient—Sildenafil Citrate. But, why are people preferring kamagra —it costs three times lesser than those blue pills. Pretty pocket-friendly, isn’t it?

How Easy Is It To Access Kamagra?

You don’t have to walk down to the pharmacies in the downtown anymore to buy just a medicine. If you are convinced about the qualities of Kamagra, you can simply access it while sitting at your home. It’s available on many only pharmacies, with frequently discounted deals you can source this medicine and get your sexual dysfunction treated.

The Future of Kamagra

So far, kamagra is satisfying all the users and the brand is constantly involved into R&D and bringing about variants of the generic tablet form. The product seems to be very promising in the present scenario and it will surely have the stronghold in the future as well. If the availability of kamagra continues to be stagnant in the western pharmaceutical market, then indeed it will be the first and ideal choice for all the ED patients around the world.

From Embarrassment To Swagger, Kamagra Changed my life!

I am usually a reticent person, have limited friends and currently living in the northwest of England. After thinking over again and again, somehow I mustered up the courage to share my story here. I wasn’t sure whether it’s the right platform to unfold my dreadful past or not but I could relate my past situation to the content of this website.

I was just an ordinary guy from Liverpool city, busy grinding out in my white collared job of a banker. Life was going smooth. Soon, I found back my long-lost love back in my life. My high school sweetheart was back in my life and I was overjoyed and content with the course of life. We moved in together and merriment was showering upon our lives. About a month later, we had a romantic dinner and the passionate moments eventually led to a venereal act. And, that was it…I was gobsmacked!

In spite of intense passion and stimulation from her, I couldn’t feel any erection in my penis. At first, I thought perhaps it’s due to lack of sleep, as the previous night I worked in the graveyard shift. For that night, I could only sleep in short bouts and the unnerving thought about my erection kept me away from a peaceful bedtime.

Next morning I tried certain stimulants but yet again a failure in erection put me into deep worry. I was sure about the susceptibility to sexual disorder. I never thought I would be affected by this kind of confidence-shaking disease. I was embarrassed to talk about my situation to anyone. Whenever my girlfriend tried to court me on the bed, I aggressive turned down her approach.

It was a high time, I had to think of a solution or my life would be doomed.

I scoured almost every website related to ED and its available treatments, but the treatment cost was extortionate. I dug deeper into the research-based articles and eventually felt a little faith in this Ed medication called Kamagra. I even searched through all the scientific information related to this medicine. It said “The medication is scientifically formulated using sildenafil citrate as its prime ingredient. It works as a PDE5 inhibitor and widen the blood vessels around the penile region and regulates the required amount of blood into the region.”

I read this information and tried to find all the relatable content on the internet. And, it really corroborated, Sildenafil citrate is the same compound which is used in Viagra, the high price tag makes it difficult for a guy like me to repeatedly afford it. I posted myriads of questions on the forum in the hope to solidify the facts about kamagra. People who just dabbled on this subject gave their unrestricted opinions which of course increased the angst in me. But, then later some doctors replied on my thread-post. And, it was all laud…!

happy-maride-life-with-kamagraOne of the replies on my post, supposedly from a doctor mentioned that how difficult it is to procure this sought-after medicine—Kamagra here in UK. I got to know that Kamagra gets manufactured far in the eastern geography, India to be exact by some revered pharmaceutical company named Ajanta Pharmacy. The person also mentioned about the low cost of synthesis of this particular medicine in India due to easy availability and low cost of R&D.

It all sounded pretty convincing to me, although I was not yet ready yet to resort my complete trust in this medicinal brand yet. I came across a website, which was claiming to supply authentic kamagra tablets in UK and I decided to purchase from them. At the first place, I made a purchase of a small pack (perhaps 3 tablets in a strip). I tried the medicine on the same night it got delivered. I was tentative about my decision at first, but within 30 minutes of consuming Kamagra, I felt little warmth around my reproductive organ and I was blatantly approached my woman and asked for stimulation. And soon, I would feel reinvigorated virility in my penis. I had the most sensuous night that day in my life.

Ever since it’s been 2 hours I have been cherishing my sex life.

Perhaps, there are hundreds like me out there or maybe thousands in my neighbourhood only, who have been living with such medical condition. I just want to address to those crestfallen heads and want them to know that there is really an affordable and trustworthy solution like kamagra available today which we can procure so easily. Try it once like I did and it may turn your embarrassment into swagger also.

Options Available To A Layman To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

You suddenly find out that you are affected by Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and you freak out!

It might be so embarrassing and shattering for you thinking about the future of your love life. You may have just met the right girl of your life and just before the next date, you are astounded by your medical condition! Before you further panic in such situation, if you stay calm and read through the whole information here, it may help you to save your lady luck.

The Experts’ Perspectives

It’s 2018 and the medical science has evolved to a stage where treating every diagnosed ailment can literally be cured or treated. As per the prognosis by several revered doctors around the world, the issue of ED is hyped and it’s actually not too much of a big issue as it is generally considered.

As per the clinical tests on varied parameters, different research teams have concluded that compounds like Sildenafil Citrate and Vardenafil work as PDE5 inhibitors which can restore the blood in the blood vessels around the penile region, resulting in a strong and healthy erection.


Basic Info And Effects

 Doses Available

Kamagra tablets are synthesised of a potent compound—sildenafil citrate.
Kamagra tablets are synthesised of a potent compound—sildenafil citrate.


Kamagra tablets are synthesised of a potent compound—sildenafil citrate. These compounds actively function on the widening of the blood vessels. It promotes the flow of blood circulation into the genital region of a male body and consequently, a hard and endurable erection is achieved. Kamagra tablets are so effective that it can hold the erection for a longer duration and both the partners can enjoy passionate moments of intimacy.


100 MG
Super P Force Tablets are composed of sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine.
Super P Force Tablets are composed of sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine.


Super P Force Tablets are composed of sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine. The combination of these two compounds makes these tablets much effective for treating male impotence. These tablets promote proper flow of blood into the penile region of a male body which helps in achieving a hard erection. These compounds also enhance a sense of control and work effectively in treating premature ejaculation. 100 MG

Kamagra Jelly
Kamagra Jelly is a delectable jelly form of generic kamagra tablets and is effective in treating male impotence.


Kamagra Jelly is a delectable jelly form of generic kamagra tablets and is effective in treating male impotence. This medication stimulates the flow of blood into the penile region of a male body, triggers harder erection, and treats erectile dysfunction. 100 MG

Aurogra Tablets
One of the best medications to treat erectile dysfunction is Aurogra tablets.



One of the best medications to treat erectile dysfunction is Aurogra tablets. These medicines function by increasing blood circulation and help in achieving a strong and long-lasting erection. This is a safe and secure medicine and approved by federal agency FDA. Aurogra Tablets provide endurable effects that can last for up to 6 hours and one can enjoy physical intimacy for a longer duration with the partner.


100 MG

What Is The Best Suited ED Drug For You?

ed-medicationsWell, all the ED-medications are formulated to restore virility in a man, but the exact effects of each medicine may vary by a slight margin. Now, you have to be clear in your head about your exact need. Read the information about all the trusted ED-medications and relate your needs to the mentioned effects. Be smart and make the right choice to revive romance with your partner today.

Kamagra—a mythical treatment for ED or a trustworthy alternative for Viagra

kamagra-versus-viagraKamagra, one of the most searched drugs online lately has created a whole chaos in the pharmaceutical market. It was not much before when Kamagra was a nescient term to the western geographies. But, in the recent times, people who believed in the supremacy of Viagra slowing shifting their faith to the novelty of ED drugs—Kamagra. Viagra, the erstwhile leader in ED drug class is now being challenged by an economical pharmaceutical product like Kamagra. Although Viagra and Kamagra, both are FDA approved medications for treating ED, Kamagra seems to be gaining an edge over the blue pills slowly.

Kamagra—Composition, Evolution and a Fare Comparison

British scientists created a powerful drug called Sildenafil Citrate in 1989 for the treatment of angina and hypertension. During clinical trials, the users reported an improvement in the quality of their erection over a period of several days. Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical giant, patented this drug in 1996 and in March 1998, Viagra got a certification from Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Like Viagra, Kamagra also contains the same ingredient—Sildenafil Citrate—which contributes to a firm and rock solid erection. Kamagra can be consumed in the form of tablets, soft tablets, and oral jellies. These soft versions have been introduced for elderly patients who hated gulping hard pills and tablets. ED patients have experienced multiple orgasms with the safe use of Kamagra medications.

Kamagra, being the novelty among the ED-treating-drugs, can easily be counterfeited by many sellers in the market. The authenticity of this medication can be found by checking the name of the manufacturing company on the packaging; as Ajanta Pharma Limited, a leading pharmaceutical giant based in India is the sole manufacturer of this impotency remedial medication.

From a medical perspective, Kamagra and Viagra share the same active ingredient – Sildenafil Citrate, which targets the blood vessels in the penile area and increases the blood circulation for better erection. This medical compound is also sold in a concentrated form of generic Sildenafil tablets.

Now, let’s compare both the medical products on different parameters.

Kamagra V/S Viagra

Parameters For Analogy



1.      Price  

70 £ (100 pills)

212 £ (100 pills)

2.      Drug Approval Department



3.      Doses Availability

50, 100 & 120 MG

25, 50 & 100 MG

4.      Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate

Sildenafil Citrate

5.      Accessibility 

Online (OTC)

Online, Store ( NON-OTC)


Despite the economical pricing, Kamagra is scarce to get in the geographies like UK in comparison to Viagra, which can be sourced from myriads of pharmacies. Still, Kamagra can be sourced from trusted online stores and few pennies can be saved as well. It’s especially worthwhile for those who need ED medications quiet frequently. Also, people who are resorting to Viagra for their sexual disorders, and don’t mind splurging can stick to the blue pills, but those who intend to be little frugal can opt for Kamagra, as the product provides equally effective results and cost considerably lower than Viagra tablets. As long as the buyers act little smarter and heed on the authenticity of Kamagra medications being offered on different platforms, it can be a safe and profitable option for the cure of Erectile Disorder (ED).