What Is Kamagra?

There has been a huge demand for this drug called ”Kamagra” over past half-decade and the sales of the drug have been on the constant rise as well. Although the feedback received by the users of Kamagra has been positive throughout the years but lots of other information found about this anti-ED drug on the social platforms are not so coherent.  The implicit information about Kamagra triggers criticism on the cynical mind of people and it might shake the faith of even the existing users of the drug for a moment as well.

Kamagra is the anti-impotence drug which is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharmaceuticals, located in India. Kamagra is formulated using sildenafil citrate as the prime component of the drug which is the major reason for the efficacy of the oral drug on impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED).  The sildenafil composed medication is classified as a PDE 5 inhibitor which becomes active in the bloodstream within 20 to 30 minutes of ingestion and starts working on the erectile tissues to revive the impaired reproductive organ.

How Does Erection Occur In The Penis?

A flaccid penis reaches a state of erection when the brain transmits the arousal signal to the penile region. Followed by such signals, the cGMP enzymes present in the endogenous chemicals of the body promotes the flow of oxygenated blood into the corpus cavernosum. When the blood vessels around the penile region gorges with blood the erectile tissues become stiff when the organ is stimulated simultaneously. This whole process results in an erection which subsides after an ejaculation and the penis dwindle with time. At the end of a sexual act or in case of loss of arousal, PDE 5 enzyme—another endogenous chemical overpowers the cGMP enzyme and the effect of the PDE 5 enzyme drains out the blood from the reproductive organ, which causes the penis to become flaccid again.

In the patients of ED, PDE 5 enzymes supersede the cGMP enzymes too early i.e. the effect of PDE 5 enzyme kicks in before the cGMP completes its action on the reproductive organ. This causes a hindrance to the supply of blood to the reproductive organ and which disables the ED affected the individual from gaining an erection.

The Effect Of Kamagra Tablets On Erection

Kamagra tablets and its newly developed form—Kamagra oral jelly, contain the ingredients which help the user to gain an erection by inhibiting the beforehand action of PDE 5 enzyme and allows the cGMP enzymes to circulate the blood into the vessels around the penile area. The medication is not only potent but the effect of the ED medication lasts in the system for over 6 hours, which is indeed enough time to complete a pleasurable intimate act.